About Ergobyte

Ergobyte Informatics S.A. is a software development house that produces high quality medical software solutions for the desktop, the server and mobile devices. It's flagship enterprise product, “Asclepius”, is a hospital information system (HIS) broadly used by private hospitals. It's online service “Galen” is the most popular drug database in Greece, used by thousand of health professionals daily.

Enterprise Software

Ergobyte develops innovative “off-the-shelf” software products and information systems addressing vertically the needs of the medical sector.

It's products are distributed through a network of trained resellers. Development is carried out by a team of skilled software engineers separately from the support team. A common software base is used across all products, thus achieving significantly smaller development time and cost while boosting at the same time quality and functionality.

Some important products are:


Asclepius is Health Information System (HIS) that caters to all management and daily operation needs of healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics. In- and out-patient handling, material tracking, financial management, drug administration and document management are among the areas covered by this extensive enterprise information system.

Asclepius Hospital Pharmacy, a subset of Asclepius, targets exclusively the needs of in-hospital pharmacies. It helps pharmacists track the import and export of drugs and medical supplies, the dispensing of prescriptions, the tracking of narcotics, etc.

Although a fairly new product, Asclepius has an important installed base in Greece and work is being done to adapt it to foreign markets.


Hippocrates is a full-blown Electronic Medical Record (EMR) product with truly innovative features. It's “dive-in” approach to medical information helps health professionals of all specializations carry out their job by leveraging today's computer and network availability.

Hippocrates makes full use of existing standards to digitally encode medical conditions, treatments, incidents, examinations etc. Development is under way and a first release is expected for 2012Q1.

Online Services

Ergobyte is the creator and publisher of “Galen”, a popular online drug database.

Galen Drug Database

Galen is the most popular online reference for all matters regarding human pharmacology in Greece. The concise and well structured presentation of knowledge, a blazing fast search function and novel “intelligent” features make Galen an indispensable tool for doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals.

Galen integrates features graduating from research carried out within Ergobyte, including:

  • The most accurate drug-to-drug interaction checker,
  • Suggested active substances for ICD-10 disease codes
  • Full text search within SPC, PIL and other pharmaceutical documents

Custom Software Development

Special needs are often served better by special solutions. Ergobyte listens to customers' expectations and creates quality information technology solutions on-time and on-budget.

Some of Ergobyte's past works are:

  • Billing and financial tracking for a large private water company
  • Solution covering all aspects of a large foreign language examination centre
  • DMS (Document Management System) for medium counseling company
  • E-Learning platform for persons with disabilities for a professional education centre
  • Tracking of repair work on military equipment for the Hellenic Army
  • Work shift programming and production scheduling for a knitting factory
  • Custom hotel reservation solution

Software development services cover the complete project life cycle, from requirement assessment and task definition, to solution development, to implementation and integration, followed by support and maintenance. We believe that our ability to integrate software with existing systems by expanding information systems infrastructure is an important advantage of Ergobyte as a turn-key solution provider.

Research in Information Technologies

Informatics research is carried on simultaneously with other activities within Ergobyte. Through partnerships with research institutes and universities, a number of fields are explored:

  • medical information coding
  • medical data partitioning, encryption and storage over heterogeneous networks
  • human-machine interfaces
  • rapid application development methodologies
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