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 === Galen Drug Database === === Galen Drug Database ===
-Galen is the most used online reference in Greece for all matters concerning human pharamcologyIt'concise presentation of informationit'blazing fast search function and it'"intelligent" innovative features make Galen an indispensable tool of doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals.+Galen is the most popular online reference for all matters regarding human pharmacology in GreeceThe concise and well structured presentation of knowledgeblazing fast search function and novel "intelligent" features make Galen an indispensable tool for doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals.
-Galen contains functions graduating from the research activities of Ergobyte, including:+Galen integrates features graduating from research carried out within Ergobyte, including:
-  * Drug interaction checking +  * The most accurate drug-to-drug interaction checker, 
-  * Active substances usually indicated for a certain disease code +  * Suggested active substances for ICD-10 disease codes 
-  * Full text search in SPC and PIL texts+  * Full text search within SPCPIL and other pharmaceutical documents
 ===== Custom Software Development ===== ===== Custom Software Development =====
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