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 === Galen Drug Database === === Galen Drug Database ===
-Galen is the most used online reference ​in Greece ​for all matters ​concerning ​human pharamcologyIt'​s ​concise presentation of informationit'​s ​blazing fast search function and it'​s ​"​intelligent" ​innovative ​features make Galen an indispensable tool of doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals.+Galen is the most popular ​online reference for all matters ​regarding ​human pharmacology in GreeceThe concise ​and well structured ​presentation of knowledgeblazing fast search function and novel "​intelligent"​ features make Galen an indispensable tool for doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals.
-Galen contains functions ​graduating from the research ​activities of Ergobyte, including:+Galen integrates features ​graduating from research ​carried out within ​Ergobyte, including:
-  * Drug interaction ​checking +  * The most accurate drug-to-drug ​interaction ​checker, 
-  * Active ​substances ​usually indicated ​for a certain ​disease ​code +  * Suggested active ​substances for ICD-10 ​disease ​codes 
-  * Full text search ​in SPC and PIL texts+  * Full text search ​within ​SPCPIL and other pharmaceutical documents
 ===== Custom Software Development ===== ===== Custom Software Development =====
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